SCE Credit Union is a financial institution where people matter. Our members and local communities are the driving force behind everything we are and everything we do. Emily Stevens, our VP of Business Development, and her team of development executives regularly engage in outreach activities in our local communities. Jorge Serrano is one such team member – he’s a California-based Business Development Executive. Jorge recently supplied Emily with a brief narrative that illustrates how much we value people. It also underscores how much of a difference having the right people can make.

The follow-up

“Team members often visit our Credit Union partners, so, employees of these companies learn about our products and services,” Emily says, adding, “now and then, they get to experience our version of VIP treatment.”

During Jorge’s first visit to Edison’s Monrovia Service Center, he was given the opportunity to speak during their internal all-team meeting. Jorge did his usual stellar presentation. He covered the benefits of membership, the product line and finished with a flourish, a call to action. He encouraged those who didn’t have an account to open one. He set up in the breakroom and one of the people who came to speak to him was Sandra. Jorge and Sandra discussed money management, the importance of saving, and naturally Jorge mentioned a variety of products including our on-going certificate promotion. Sandra was intrigued and asked him if he would follow up.

“Follow up” could be Jorge’s middle name. Jorge got back in touch with Sandra the next day.

A brand-new member joined SCE Credit Union. With Jorge’s help, Sandra opened a new Money Market Account and an 11-Month Certificate. While opening the accounts, Sandra asked Jorge if he’d be willing to chat with her close friend, Joanne, about the very same products. Once again, Jorge was eager to follow up.

The “I” in team

Jorge reached out to Joanne and made himself available to answer any questions. Joanne’s initial response was a not so uncommon grievance with her bank. She was having issues. Jorge instinctively knew the way to solve her banking problems was to help her make the switch to SCE Credit Union. She did.

SCE Credit Union became Joanne’s main financial institution. Jorge answered all her questions, and she moved her savings over and opened a Certificate. He also told her that she’d have his cellphone number – if anything ever came up, she would know who to call. Jorge personally introduced her to team members at her branch, making her feel at home. This level of VIP level of service is only one of the benefits the Credit Union has to offer.

There’s an old sports cliché that states, “There’s no I in team.” The reality is, a team is bolstered when its individual components say, “I can go the extra mile,” “I can make the difference,” “I will make it happen.”