Creating Good

Our mission is to Create Good for our members, our communities and our team. How do we fulfill that mission? It’s often in seemingly small success stories you see the credit union philosophy of “people helping people,” play out. It’s demonstrated by our willingness to make a difference, to make things better. This month, Emily Stevens, Director of Community Engagement, shared some of those stories.

Sofia’s story

Emily was at a New Hire Orientation with the City of North Las Vegas. A week later, she received a text from an attendee we’ll call Sofia. Sofia hoped to pay off some debt with a personal loan but confided her credit wasn’t great. That’s when Emily went to work. She sent Sofia’s information to a Member Service Representative and a Loan Consultant. Help with Mobile Banking was arranged. In the end, four team members – Emily, Lorenzo, Stephanie and Patrice – were instrumental in making Sofia a new member and getting her the loan she needed. Teamwork makes things work and helped put a smile on Sofia’s face.

Roberto’s story

Jorge Serrano is our Los Angeles-based Business Development Executive. He shared a conversation he had with Roberto at the Edison Palm Springs facility. Roberto complained about monthly fees he’d been paying to keep a bank account open and volunteered he was in the market for a used truck. So, this time it was Jorge who got things going. He told Roberto about the Credit Union’s free products and services. Then he had a Loan Consultant call Roberto. An auto loan, with a better rate than the dealership offered, was approved. Jorge also helped him open a Free Checking Account with direct payroll deposit that gives him access to his funds a day early. Roberto drives the truck he wanted and no longer pays checking account fees.

Hector’s story 

Ricardo Flores, Community Development Executive in Southern California related a story about patience, perception and persuasion. Hector, a potential member was referred to Ricardo. Hector had just bought a new car, and wanted to refinance, but wasn’t exactly forthcoming with information. Ricardo asked why he wanted to refi, what interest rate he had?

Hector responded with, “Do you really think I’m going to tell you? I’m not going to shoot myself in the foot. You need to tell me what rate you can offer me first, THEN I’ll make the decision…”

“I had the sense he didn’t think too highly of me,” Ricardo said, describing their encounter, adding, “He seemed to think I was trying to take advantage of him.” Rather than fuel the friction, Ricardo asked if Hector was okay and if he’d said anything to upset him.  Hector stepped back.

Hector apologized, explained that his recent car buying experience hadn’t been good, and he felt he’d been taken advantage of because he wasn’t fluent in English. The conversation detoured as the two talked about growing up Hispanic, their families, and subject far removed from auto financing.

Before parting ways, Ricardo took down Hector’s information. Turns out, not unexpectedly, we could approve and refinance Hector’s auto loan, plus lower his rate by a whopping 7 percentage points. Hector said he’d be referring his friends and family.

SCE Credit Union is dedicated to Creating Good and it’s these individual success stories that add up to make the biggest impact.