Senior Real Estate Underwriter
Team Member since 1993

Describe the work you do at the Credit Union.

As a Senior Real Estate Underwriter, I work with members on underwriting, processing and closing their Home Equity Loans. Internally, I work with our lending team from start to finish – and then some – to make it all happen. I also work with our management team on creating new products and maintaining existing products. As of 2020, I’ve been blessed to be able to work remotely, with my fur baby by my side. 

What was your first job?

My first real job was working at UPS. I started by loading trucks, then eventually became a package sorter. I had no idea memorizing all of the California zip codes would be useful in my future career. 

How did you come to be an SCE Credit Union team member?

I started working in the Lending Department as a Temp. I was 22 years old and had no experience. The VP of Lending at that time was Shannon Furiani – she hired me after three months of working as a Temp. I worked with her in the lending department until she retired.

I started as a Loan Representative, helping members with all their lending needs in the branch and over the phone. I then moved to a newly developed servicing area, to focus on document signings and closing loans. I also worked in our Visa department for a short time, before moving into the real estate department. I started working in the real estate department in 1999 as an assistant and have worked my way up to the Senior Real Estate Underwriter role I’m in today.

How do you spend your free time?

I’ve been with my husband for 27 years. I love doing life with him – he makes me laugh like no one else can. We have two adult children, Monique and Jayson. I introduced Monique to working in the credit union world and she loves it too. Jayson is pursuing a career as a Lineman. We have a granddaughter, Khalyla, who brings so much joy to us all.

My happy place is camping at the beach. I enjoy going to concerts and comedy shows. I love Zumba dance classes and belong to a “Girls’ Night Out” Bunco group. I also volunteer at our church by serving on the production team.

Do you speak any languages, other than English?

I don’t speak Spanish fluently, but I do know a bit.

Inspiration from Melissa…

Enjoy the little things in life… for one day you’ll look back and realize they were big things. ~ Kobe Bryant