For more than 70 years our Credit Union has developed, nurtured and expanded our line of financial products. We aim to provide exceptional service to each and every member. SCE Credit Union is dedicated and determined to Create Good in the communities we serve, to make a positive difference in people’s lives. This kind of effort only succeeds when  you’ve dedicated and determined team members – like Ricardo Flores, our Community Development Executive in Southern California. Ricardo is never one to toot his own horn, but we want to shout from the rooftops about the way he makes a difference for others.

A teacher

Ricardo began his career in the financial industry 25 years ago at one of the largest and best-known institutions in the country. “I thought the work I did made a difference in people’s lives,” Ricardo says smiling, “but it wasn’t until I came to the Credit Union that I recognized what it really meant to make a difference!” Ricardo explains, “I don’t consider myself a banker or even a Community Development Executive, which is my official title. I consider myself a teacher.” In fact, while Ricardo does open accounts and helps members with loans, his real fulfillment lies in putting people on a path to financial freedom.


Ricardo has become so embedded and recognized in the Southern California neighborhoods we serve, he’s often seen as a partner for community-based organizations and businesses. He is currently the Vice Chair on the Irwindale Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. “In that role, I am able to connect with other businesses and organizations to promote the Credit Union on a larger scale,” Flores states. He acts as co-chair of the Irwindale Chamber’s largest fundraiser, their annual golf tournament.

Ricardo also served as chair for the Santa Anita Family YMCA in Monrovia. They had to close their doors during the pandemic. Flores helped open those doors again by helping to raise more than $100,000, bringing exercise and mental health programs back to the community.

Ricardo works with our own Select Employee Groups, such as Edison, Decore-ative Specialties and California Expanded Metals. He helps with free, comprehensive financial literacy workshops for their employees. “The best part,” Ricardo says, “is the Credit Union can provide the tools they need to put their newfound knowledge into action!”

Together We Create Good

From setting up a table at a community event to giving free one-on-one financial coaching sessions, Ricardo Flores goes out of his way to clear the way forward for businesses, community partners and members. He is a guide, a mentor, a teacher who makes a difference. Ricardo is one of the reasons we are able to Create Good.