For many teens, summer is a great time to get a part-time job. Jobs like baby-sitting, delivering pizzas, working at the mall or waiting on tables are good for students on summer break. Many of these jobs are found by word of mouth, but sometimes you’ll have to go for an interview before being hired. Here are a few things you can do to prepare for an interview:

Dress for success. Come to the interview neat and clean. Avoid being overly made-up. Dress conservatively, but comfortably.

Be on time. Plan on being at your interview at least ten minutes before the scheduled time.

No chewing gum. This simply looks unprofessional and far too casual.

Be prepared. If the interviewer asks you why you want the job, be prepared with an answer. You may also be asked about your interests, experience and future plans. Practice your answers before going to the interview.

Be positive. Bring a positive attitude to the interview. Sell yourself and remember the difference between bragging and self-confidence is enthusiasm.

Say “Thank you.”  Thank the interviewer for his or her time. Follow up a day later with either a thank you email or handwritten note.