Looking to increase your visibility as a women-owned business? Here are 10 directories for women-owned businesses you should join.

women business directory
Buy From a Black Woman DirectoryThe nonprofit Buy From a Black Woman started in 2016 as a way to boost sales for Black women business owners. According to the organization, annual sales for Black woman entrepreneurs are five times smaller than woman-owned businesses overall. Black woman business owners who wish to join the directory can fill out an application form and pay an annual fee of $100 if accepted.
BuyFromWomenWorldWideWomen recently created the BuyFromWomen directory that features products and services provided by women-owned businesses. While the directory is still in its early stages, the WorldWideWomen team is growing the listings category by category and city by city. To apply for a spot in the directory and expand your customer base, your business must be at least 51% owned by women, and you’ll have to explain your organization in a short application.
Certified SwansCertified Swans is a women-owned business directory seeking to support other women-owned companies by offering free exposure without costly government certifications. By simply signing up on their website, you can improve your business’s visibility and secure a spot in the Certified Swans directory of women-owned small businesses. If you own more than 50% of your business and identify as a woman, you can join other woman-led organizations and showcase your offerings, linking to your company’s site to increase traffic and generate more sales.
FoundedByHerStacy’s Pita Chips recently launched FoundedByHer, an online directory featuring women-owned businesses. As a woman-founded company itself, Stacy’s mission is to help woman entrepreneurs gain the exposure they deserve to increase sales and expand their reach. To become part of the community, founders can register their businesses on the website and set up a profile to secure a place in the directory.
National Women Business DirectoryThe National Women Business Directory, dedicated to helping women succeed in business, allows consumers to search for women-led businesses in their area across the country. Woman entrepreneurs can register their businesses online for a spot in the directory, which features businesses across various industries.
Universal Women-OwnedUniversal Women-Owned supports woman entrepreneurs locally, nationally and globally by including businesses in their directory of woman-owned businesses. To secure your spot on the list, you must purchase an annual registration for $199.
We Are Women OwnedWe Are Women Owned (WAWO) helps women-owned businesses gain visibility by providing a community of like-minded women who want to support women-led brands. WAWO’s online directory helps consumers discover, shop and support women-owned small businesses. To apply for a spot in the directory, you must be a woman-identifying owner of a small business or nonprofit organization.
Women and Minority BusinessesWomen and Minority Businesses encourages consumers to support women and minority business owners by showcasing their businesses in their online directory at no cost. The directory owners optimize their site to drive traffic to the directory and handle the advertising for you. Simply register your business on their website, provide any details required for verification and reap the benefits of increased exposure and sales.
Women OwnedWomen Owned, an initiative by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and WEConnect International, aims to offer support by encouraging consumers to buy from women-led businesses. The organization provides a directory of certified “Women Owned” businesses for consumers to search for specific products and services. To get your business listed in the directory and secure the “Women Owned” logo, you must first get certified by WBENC or WEConnect International, then contact [email protected] for more information. Your business must sell physical products to qualify for the directory.
Women-Owned Business DirectoryWomen-Owned Business Directory invests in woman entrepreneurs by offering a directory of women-owned businesses to help raise their visibility. Adding a listing for your business is free; all you have to do is register for an account to get started.