Together We Rise

We create the products, tools and services our members need to succeed financially. While that’s important, we do more than that. We bring financial education to the underserved. We support causes in our local communities. We encourage our team to make a difference for others.

Create Good is a social mission that includes community engagement, volunteerism and contribution to causes. It can’t be done alone – it requires a commitment from our members, our community and our team.

It’s time to Rise Beyond Banking.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide the knowledge, access, and care that empowers everyone to achieve lasting financial security.
Our vision is to help end poverty through financial empowerment.

Our Nonprofit

In 2005 we founded the Center for Financial Empowerment (CFE). With a mission to break the cycle of poverty by bringing financial education to underserved and disadvantaged youth, funds raised for the organization are used to go into local high schools to help prepare teens for real life by teaching them to be smart with money and credit through:

    • Fun, interactive, hands-on simulations known as Mad City Money
    • Financial training in the classroom
    • College scholarships for low-income youth

To donate funds, volunteer, or just learn more about how we’re helping to break the cycle of generational poverty, visit center4fe.org.