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Aunque siempre nos esforzamos por proporcionar información en español, algunos contenidos solo están disponibles en inglés.

Lucy at the Sahara branch in Las Vegas exemplified what customer service is truly all about and missing in so many places.

Orlando G

1.27.23 Google

Very great experience at this bank. Especially our banker, Leslie at the Boyle Heights branch. She went above and beyond to get our finances in order.

Maribel L

1.10.23 Google

I've been hearing for some time about how good SCE Credit Union is toward its members. I decided, because of the good experience of a friend, to become part of the family. I'm glad to be here and look forward to many years of mutual satisfaction. Customer service is the greatest currency any company can have. Thus far, things have been exceptional.

Mitchell B

1.4.23 Google

My story goes back to when the Credit Union was still part of IBEW back in the 60's. I was 3rd gen SCE and retired after 42 years. 120+ family years . The Credit Union has always been there for me with great service and never a mistake on their part. Now in retirement it's great to know my finances are secure from any outside theft. I have had many loans starting way back when the application was all on paper. Now it's just a phone call away. So glad I started here so many years ago.

Steven F


I've banked with them nearly 10 years now, and they always exceed expectations in every way. This is a more personal style of banking... the way it used to be everywhere. Patience is sometimes required, but is always richly rewarded. The SCE web service has improved nicely over the years, and I can't think of anything I need from a bank that they don't offer. They care more than most, and always try harder than the rest.

David P

Yelp 12.27.22

SCE Credit Union has been with me from the start of my financial journey. They financed my first car and were there for my family, too. Through the years, I've appreciated their customer service and the way they recognize me when I walk through the door. The branch manager at Ontario is awesome! She's the reason I keep all my savings with the Credit Union. She customizes and works the products to fit my lifestyle and I trust the integrity of this bank!

Lorena C


I love SCE Credit Union. I've been a member for about 10 years - the customer service has always been A-1! They helped me open a corporate account and made my day.

Damion R


After 40+ years with WellsFargo, I decided to move my account to SCE FCU in Irwindale at my daughter’s suggestion. My WF debit card had an opening date of 8/70. Didn’t care. Best move I ever made. Great customer service. Kudos to the branch manager, George Silva, and his staff. Special shout out to Mari and Aviud. I feel appreciated as I appreciate them.

Hoss L


I'm a proud member since 2014. SCE FCU is very clean inside and out. I recommend anyone looking for a bank to go to them and check out their friendly and helpful staff.

Michelle N


SCE FCU is so kind and helpful. The team members are all so sweet. When we had fraud on our account they called and told us right away. The branch manager was waiting for us at the front desk and helped us with all our needs.

Karen S