Seguro de auto

Get the protection you need without worrying about paying for policies you don't

Seguro de vivienda

A comprehensive policy should cover more than just the structure of your home

Seguro de inquilino

Asegúrese de que usted y su propiedad personal estén cubiertos contra robo y daños.

Seguro de negocios

You need someone on your side to ensure your company is well covered

Seguro “Umbrella”

Protect yourself from issues that go beyond the limits of standard insurance policies

Seguro de vida

Proper planning now can help your family later... when they need it most.

¡Llame a MAIS al 800.866.6474 x2368 – y recuerde preguntar por el seguro de mascotas!
1Los productos y servicios de seguros se ofrecen a través de Member Advantage Insurance Services, una agencia/corredor de seguros con licencia. Los productos ofrecidos a través de Member Advantage no son garantías ni obligaciones de SCE Federal Credit Union. Los representantes individuales tienen licencia del Departamento de Seguros de California y son empleados de Member Advantage Insurance Services. SCE Federal Credit Union ha contratado a Member Advantage Insurance Services a través de un acuerdo de servicios administrativos para proporcionar productos y servicios de seguros a sus miembros.

Noticias, información y alertas

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Susan in the Lending Department is amazing! She did an amazing job in helping me refinancing my 2017 Jeep Cherokee Latitude. I love her customers service!


Google 6.8.23

Aly in the Lending Department helped me from start to finish with my loan process and made it very easy for me.

Andrew A

Google 6.7.23

Excellent customer service! Joy and Sarah-Jane at the Sahara branch were so nice.

Steven P

Google 6.7.23

Everyone treated me with respect, courtesy and kindness. All were professional and very helpful.

Mary B

Google 6.3.23

As a new member, I was surprised with there worm, kind, and patient hospitality, and caring above and beyond my expectations. What a difference! Their professional and excellent attitude made me feel comfortable and relaxed when opening my account. Thank you!

Arya S

Google 6.2.23

Really easy to open an account and people there are really helpful.

Israel M

Google 6.1.23

Great experience, everyone is very professional and informative. 100% would say SCE Credit Union has been amazing.


Google 5.31.23

Want to give a shout out to Lucy N. at the Sahara branch. We needed immediate assistance with an issue related to a deed reconveyance and Lucy worked to ensure the matter was resolved ASAP. She was professional and courteous - a true asset to SCE Credit Union!! Many thanks!!

Erin D

Yelp 5.29.23

Just completed a loan with SCE Credit Union. I appreciated the ease of the application process; the speed of the entire process; and the continuous communication from employees.

Yolie P

Google 5.27.23

I love SCE Credit Union.

Pinky Lee R

Google 5.26.23