Susan made the experience so very excellent and the whole process very smooth. She was patient, professional, and personable . I thoroughly enjoyed working with SCE Credit Union and more specifically Susan. I will definitely be back to work with SCE Credit Union in the future.


Google 3.22.23

Many opportunities in different accounts.

Gianni S

Google 3.22.23

SCE FCU demonstrated what it means to put customers first in my recent purchase of a new automobile. The loan officer was efficient, respectful and client-focused. Never been more pleased with the service of a financial institution in the purchase of a big-ticket item. Thanks SCE FCU.


Google 3.15.23

Very prompt, very helpful and very professional.

Elizabeth V

Google 3.9.23

Basel at SCE FCU Irwindale has been awesome! So understanding and absolutely helpful! Highly recommend!

Jennifer M

Yelp 3.7.23

The process for getting my loan was incredibly fast and easy. We filled out a simple application online, got a call back from the agent, Sally Alvarez, who helped us to clarify a few things. We were approved the same day and received electronic signature forms and we were done!!

C Donaldson

Google 3.4.23

Applied for a personal loan and opened an account. Both processes were quick, easy, and straightforward. The agent assisting me was incredibly helpful and answered any questions I had. Opening the account online wasn’t difficult in the slightest. The website was easy to navigate.

Zach A

Google 3.4.23

I've been a member for a very long time and the service just gets better each year. The employees are very professional, polite and friendly. The location is beautiful and they must really love their place of employment. You know it makes a difference when the atmosphere is desirable. Thank you for super clean restrooms. What bank has restrooms and allows its members to use them? Really? SCE Credit Union ROCKS!!!!

Tamara J

Google 3.3.23

Excellent service for unique obstacles I faced in the process.


Google 3.3.23

Just great people and nice environment.

Salvador C

Google 3.1.23